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Stories from the neighborhood

Hear what makes Plymouth Village such a special place from the people who live here.

Kay Beechum Kay Beechum
“Before I was thinking seriously about moving to a community, I attended a Plymouth Village resident roundtable event."
Vera Peery Vera Peery
“I’ve started a lot of new activities since moving here, but I’ve also found that some of the things I’ve always done – like health and fitness activities – have been enhanced."
Janet Roberts Janet Roberts
“Since moving to Plymouth Village, I’ve enjoyed the community’s history group and the Redlands history class at the library."
Louise Salahi Louise Salahi
“We originally wanted to stay in Orange County, but our friends who lived at Plymouth Village encouraged us to come for a visit."
Frank Wiswell Frank Wiswell
“As a single person, I knew I didn’t want to put a burden on my children if I ever became ill."
Ruberta Reiter
“I’ve gotten to meet so many interesting people since moving here. I see them at the Plymouth Village church service every Sunday, at the community library where I volunteer and in the dining room."